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Igbo youths launch anti-Biafra movement, ask Kanu, others to stop beating war drums

A youth group, under the aegis of Igbo for Nigerian
Movement, INM, has floated anti-Biafra campaign to
unite people of Igbo extraction in order to reap
maximum benefits from the peaceful co-existence
of one United Nigeria.

INM called on the entire Ndigbo to bury the idea of
the struggle of the Republic of Biafra and embrace
the new platform, INM for intellectual and strategic
engagements that would enthrone equity, fairness
and justice to every member of the Nigerian State.

The group warned that the ongoing clamour by
some persons for the secession of Igbo from
Nigeria was a call to self-destruction and would
only do them more harm than good.

Some groups, including the Nnamdi Kanu-led
Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, as well as the
Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign
State of Biafra, MASSOB, under the leadership of
Uchenna Madu have been clamouring for the birth
of Biafra.

According to them, ‘Nigeria is a zoo’ and has
succeeded in expunging them from the scheme of
things in the nation. However, the INM leader, Maxi Igwe Ifeanyi, while
speaking alongside his newly inaugurated Excos on
Sunday, called on those supporting the return of
Biafra to quickly swallow their word and work
together for a united Nigeria in line with the vision
of the great nationalists like Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. Mr. Igwe insisted that Biafra was not the panacea to
Igbos’ problem, rather the beginning of more
trouble for the land as the agitation has continued to
sow the seed of suspicion for the average Igboman,
particularly in the political circle used by other
ethnic groups as the key to other segment of our national life. He said, “The ongoing clamour by some infertile-
minded Igbo brethren for the secession of South
east from Nigeria is a call to self-destruction, to say
the least. “It is obvious that those championing the
movement for the return of Biafra were not born
during the civil war and have no single idea of what
Ndigbo went through during and after the war. “We therefore call on those behind this movement
to sheathe their sword and embrace a one and
united Nigeria. “Biafra is never the solution to our problem. In
fact, it is the beginning of more problems for our
already-troubled land. “INM stands for the unity of Nigeria and urge those
beating war drum to heed to the old Igbo adage
that says, “ogwumagana agahi ogbanye ije ya
maka na ohia n’ere oku (the chameleon does not
change its movement because the bush is on
fire.)” he added.